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PIC® Midrange Microcontrollers 1

(5 weeks) Requires Development Board
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PIC® Programming Midrange Course 1 $399

The PIC Programming Level I course covers the architecture of the PIC microcontroller, the instruction set, basic assembly language, the programming process, how to program the flash program memory, debugging, how to use the simulator, the basics of Microchip MPLAB-X and MPASM.  In addition you will learn basic timing operations, different keypad input strategies for individual keys and matrix keyboards. The driving and interfacing to 7 segment displays as well as driving and interfacing to character based LCDs are covered.  You will attain a high degree of confidence in programming in assembly language by the normal completion of the Level One course.   For detail contents see the contents web page.

PIC® Programming Midrange Course 2 $399

The PIC Programming Level 2 course is a five week course that covers the internal peripherals inside the PIC Midrange line of microcontrollers. Topics include Timer/Counter programming, Interrupt based programming, A/D converters, Serial UART programming, EPROM and Flash programming, PWM programming, Relay, Solenoids, Stepper Motor, and DC motor interface and programming. In addition to these topics the Enhanced Line of Midrange Microcontrollers will be covered.

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Applied Micro Training proudly incorporates Microchip products in our courses.  Visit the Microchip Technology's University web site (www.microchip.com/academic) for more information.

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PIC® Micro C-Language $399

5 Week Online Course
Using QL-200 PIC® Development Board

Covers Midrange and PIC® 18FXXX Micros

C-Language used in PIC Midrange and High Performance microcontrollers such as the PIC 16FXXX and PIC 18FXXX. C compiler supported in this course is the MikroElektronika PIC C Pro. This is an introduction to the C-Language for embedded control projects which spans 5 weeks.

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PIC® Microcontroller Programming Online Training

Our PIC Programming courses are the best way to learn PIC programming and interfacing. We cover the material over a 5 week period in order to give you maximum retention and opportunity to submit programming assignments and interact with your instructor! The material is presented in multimedia formats including PDF files with pictures, and technical data that is printable, flash videos that show you how to do various operations within PIC programming and sample program files that you can keep and modify and use in your professional career! You will learn PIC interfacing to other components and peripherals as an added benefit to your PIC program training. This material is designed for engineers and upper level technical professionals who want to be involved in embedded design and product development. The author and instructor has over 35 years’ experience in embedded design, programming and product development, and 25 years teaching microcontrollers and embedded technology at the college level. We are committed to helping you succeed in your training, so if you have to break away from training for work travel assignments or other reasonable delays we will extend your time to a reasonable degree! We know how people learn embedded programming and the best way to teach it. We also know the challenges and work environment that current engineering professionals must work in, and we try to accommodate to professionals. Once again that is why Applied Micro Training provides the best way to learn PIC Programming!


QL_200 PIC Development Board


You will need a microcontroller trainer board to do the programming and exercises associated with the PIC® Level 1 course . The QL_200 PIC Development Kit is available direct from Applied Micro Training for $139.00 if you buy with course plus shipping charges to your destination within the United States. We keep these boards in stock specifically for our training customers. The QL-200 will also be used in the Level 2 course and the C-Language course. The QL-200 contains everything you need for the PIC Midrange Online Course. In addition it contains ample peripherals for professional development of PIC based products! Although not shown the board includes a 2 line by 16 character LCD display which is used in the course. It is also capable of using a Graphics based LCD display. As you can see the board accepts a variety of PIC package sizes all the way up to 40 pin dips. The board also accepts PIC18F processors!

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